Examples and insights
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Eregalerij app

A New and improved take on storytelling through an interactive experience with photography.

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A side project in which I'm trying to combine music and photography in a new way.

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Tegoed Checker

An app for the Municipality of Rotterdam. The Tegoed Checker (Balance checker) allows people to quickly scan their Rotterdam card an check how much balance is still left on it. (Android & iOS)

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Dream-House 3D

This is a pet project to learn 3D modeling by combining ThreeJS, React and Blender

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Dordtpas App

An fun new way to discover Dordrecht. The Dordtpas is the city card of Dordrecht and the funnest way to find, favorite and discover (Android & iOS)

Xerte Tracking

A tracking plugin I built for an open source education platform. This project got me to get properly to grips with GET, POST and Ajax. Also introduced me too the great chart.js library.

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Kinderdijk App

An audio tour app for a UNESCO World Heritage site that receives thousands of visitors per year. I helped build a location based video experience that shows you how the site looks in different times.

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Muziekweb Intro's

Discovering new music whilst learning about the rich history the collection of Muziekweb houses is the key of the Muziekweb Intro's.

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Vue Clock

An interesting exercise in making radial patterns in Illustrator and juggling time with the Date object in JS.

Filmbieb Touchbrowser

The Filmbieb touchbrowser is a touch focussed interface I built with the team at Muziekweb to allow visitors in the library to easily discorver video's.

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Keepy Uppy

A small interactive game I came up with to illustrate the possibility of combining the VueJS framework with the animation library.

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Gelrepas App

Quick and easy access to your Gelrepas. The app is written in TypeScript and React Native for Android & iOS

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Lust for Life

An award winning app with Image Recognition for the Fotomuseum in Rotterdam that combined react-native and image recognition to quickly recognize images and unlock the stories behind the photographs.