Art collection

Dive into the divine
A collection of public domain artworks in hi-res with a magnifying glass

Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight

Joseph Mallord William Turner

The Tower of Babel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Young Hare

Albrecht Dürer

Portrait of the postman Joseph Roulin

Vincent van Gogh

Ontbijt met krab

Willem Claesz Heda

Almond Blossoms

Vincent van Gogh


Claude Monet

Composition VII

Wassily Kandinsky

De stier

Paulus Potter

Lady with an Ermine

Leonardo Da Vinci

Painting of a woman

George Hendrik Breitner

The Roses of Heliogabalus

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Le port de Rotterdam

Paul Signac

The Fighting Temeraire


Rainy Season in the Tropics

Frederic Edwin Church