Stuff that sounds good


This mix combines my photography with the tracks I felt connected well to the rough and rugged feeling you find everywhere in Rotterdam.

Favorite albums

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Afro Discoteca - Alessandro Alessandroni

A very interesting take on disco from a colleague and confidante of the famous Ennio Morricone.

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Another Green World - Brian Eno

Combining pioneering soundscapes and catchy melodies, Another Green World sits uniquely between the overly abstract sounds of early experimentalists and classic 70's Rock.

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Comfort Eagle - Cake

A fresh and sardonic take on modern American culture and it's obsession with consumerism. Cake makes prophetic music sound simple is this easy go-lucky album.

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Independent Dancer - Kalabrese

Truly one of my favorites. Though initially easily mistaken for a run of the mill EDM album, this unique piece of music combines surprise and sincerity in a way you rarely find in electronic music.

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Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records - Jan Jelinek

Laid back past the point of no return, this is maybe the penultimate coding music. Just enough to keep you going well into the single digits, not to much to distract you from the coffee and code.

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Mike Bloomfield - Super Session

You better believe it, there's something a crackin' in the crop circle. Jokes aside, this one really strikes you right on a long night with the rain streaming down the windows and a hot cup of coffee.

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The Olympians

Smooth summery vibes entwined with some ska, this album is a great way to relax into a long weekend.

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Viva Tirado - El Chicano

Twisting my expectations of Latin music and adding amazing moments of recognition, Viva Tirado really blew me away with its rich tapestry of sound.